Snow and Ice Anti-Stick Coating

Helps you plow better, dump faster and throw snow farther!

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What is SNO-FLO?

SNO-FLO coats your snow fighting equipment and prevents high moisture content snow and ice-slush from bonding. It goes on absolutely clear and will not degrade the look of your expensive fleet.

What problems does SNO-FLO solve?

If you have ever driven a truck with a snow plow, hauled snow, operated other snow fighting equipment during a winter storm or simply shoveled snow, you can relate to the aggravation of high moisture content snow build-up. This wet snow build-up problem is made even worse by frigid temperatures, creating ice-slush that sticks like glue and causes the following problems:

  1. Prevents snow and ice-slush from bonding to your loader bucket or dump bed when hauling away snow to a dump site or snow melter.
  2. Excess weight of snow and ice slush buildup can greatly increase your vehicles fuel consumption and can damage equipment.
  3. Reduced visibility of warning lights from snow and ice slush buildup. This creates dangerous driving conditions for your driver and other motorist on the road.
  4. Clogged garage floor drains from all the sand, dirt and debris held in by the snow and ice slush buildup that is carried into your garage.

Where do you apply SNO-FLO?

SNO-FLO can be applied anywhere you experience snow and ice slush buildup.

  • Inside dump beds, loader buckets and snow blower discharge chutes
  • Snow plows and grader blades
  • Underneath wheel-wells
  • The back of your spreaders and other snow fighting equipment
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Snow shovels

In addition, SNO-FLO can be applied to your sand stockpiles to keep them from freezing. This makes the sand easier to front-end load, shovel or spread. SNO-FLO can also be used on cinders and other abrasives.

Benefits of using SNO-FLO?

  • Prevents wet snow build-up – on any surface you experience sticking. Makes hauling away snow a breeze.
  • Improves truck safety – by keeping your warning lights visible to motorists.
  • Less equipment maintenance – because the excess weight of high moisture snow is damaging to equipment and truck components.
  • More fuel savings – since less weight means more miles to the gallon.
  • Minimize garage slush – by keeping snow and ice slush off your vehicles fenders and wheel-wells, you bring less into your garage and that means less floor drains problems!

Who uses SNO-FLO?

SNO-FLO is currently being used by:

  • State DOTS
  • County Road and Bridge Departments
  • City Street Departments
  • Private Snow Plowing Contractors
  • Toll Roads
  • Department of Defense
  • National Park Service
  • Ski Resorts
  • Airports
  • University and College
  • School Districts
  • United States Post Offices

How does SNO-FLO come packaged?

SNO-FLO comes packaged three convenient ways:

  1. Large 275-gallon totes
  2. Standard 55-gallon drums
  3. Smaller 5-gallon pails

SNO-FLO Packaging

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