Salt and Chloride Neutralizer

Eliminates Rust & Corrosion Damage to Your Fleet Caused By Salt, Salt Brines and Liquid Chlorides!


Stopping rust before it starts is the single most cost effective method of extending the operational lifecycle of your expensive deicing equipment. Today, most maintenance departments regulary wash their fleet & equipment in an attempt to remove the salt, but a corrosive white salt residue always reappears after the vehicle or equipment has dried. This white salt residue is what fuels the rusting process. NEUTRO-WASH neutralizes, then remove this white salt residue, taking away the fuel for the rusting process.

What problems does NEUTRO-WASH solve?

NEUTRO-WASH solves three common problems for anyone in charge of maintaining a fleet or equipment:

  1. The appearance of a totally clean vehicle or equipment. When using ordinary wash bay soaps, everything my look clean, but these soaps are unable to remove the magnetized salt residue that causes rust.
  2. Lower resale or trade-in values when it come time to replace your vehicles and deicing equipment caused by rust and corrosion damage.
  3. The high cost of unscheduled maintenance caused by rust & corrosion damaged.

Where do you apply NEUTRO-WASH?

Make NEUTRO-WASH a regular part of your clean-up routine after each snow event and before summer storage! Just add it to your wash bay or portable pressure washer and apply it to the following:

  • Truck exteriors & engine compartments, focusing on problem areas like wiring, radiators and oil pans.
  • Truck Dump Beds
  • V-Box and Tailgate Spreaders
  • Plows
  • Snowblowers
  • Graders
  • Frontend Loaders
  • Skidsteers
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Cars
  • Flush out Liquid Deicing Systems to prevent clogging

What are the benefits of NEUTRO-WASH?

NEUTRO-WASH gives your deicing equipment a fighting chance against rust & corrosion! Use it today and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Extends the operational life of your fleet and equipment – by removing the corrosive white salt residue.
  • Easy and economical to use – dilutes 1 to 8 with cold water and is applied through your pressure washer or with RHOMAR’s “Big Mouth” Applicator
  • Variety of uses – it can also flush out your liquid chloride tanks, lines and nozzles to prevent plugging and corrosion
  • Stretches budget dollar – during tough economic times when sales tax revenues fall!
  • Prepares metal and concrete surfaces for protective coatings – such as LUBRA-SEAL Salt Spreader Coating, ARMOUR-SEAL Frame, Chassis and Component Undercoating, and MET-CON 3000 Clear Coating for Metal or Concrete!


  • State DOT’S
  • County Road Departments
  • City Street departments
  • Snow Plowing Contractors
  • Colleges & Universities
  • School Districts
  • Airports
  • National Parks
  • Military
  • Hospitals
  • USPS

How does NEUTRO-WASH come packaged?

NEUTRO-WASH comes packaged two convenient ways:

  1. Standard 55-gallon drums
  2. Smaller 6-gallon pails


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