Salt Spreader Protective Coating

Only LUBRA-SEAL Protects Your Salt Spreaders Against Rust and Corrosion Damage!


LUBRA-SEAL is a unique and propitiatory blend of encapsulating sealants and lubricates that was originally developed for the Nations State Departments of Transportation. It goes on your salt spreaders as a black liquid that dries to form a thin, non-tacky, flexible polymer skin, that does not wash off. This polymer skin block out oxygen, moisture and salt residue, protecting your equipment from rust and corrosion damage during summer storage. LUBRA-SEAL also lubricates movable components during winter operations.

What problems does LUBRA-SEAL solve?

LUBRA-SEAL solves three common problems with owning or maintaining salt spreaders:

  1. During Summer Storage LUBRA-SEAL encapsulates and seals out damaging moisture and oxygen that combine with salt residue to aggressively rust and corrode your expensive salt spreaders. By applying LUBRA-SEAL before you put you equipment up for summer storage you will virtually eliminate:
    • Drag chain and auger seizure.
    • Interior box corrosion that hinders gravity feed.
    • Frozen hydraulic couplings.
  2. During Winter Operations LUBRA-SEAL embeds all static and movable metal components, such as drag chains, augers, and box interiors with a super-slick molydbeum disulfide lubricant that reduces the metal to metal ware.  It is also great at protecting important trucks components. By applying LUBRA-SEAL before winter operations you will virtually eliminate:
    • Manually unloading salt from a spreader with a broken chain.
    • Frozen adjustment mechanisms, and channels for floor plates.
  3. Budget Stress Caused By Tight Budgets. By using LUBRA-SEAL in your operations you will greatly reduce:
    • Shortened operational life cycles on your expensive fleet of salt spreaders, plows, truck, graders, snowblowers and more.
    • The frustration of lower than average trade-in or resale value when rotating equipment out of your fleet.
    • The possibility of EPA fines from soil contamination caused by using used motor oil in an attempt to protect your equipment.

Where do you apply LUBRA-SEAL?

LUBRA-SEAL is primarily used to protect salt spreaders during summer storage and lubricate movable components, such as drag chains and augers prior to winter operation. For best results, use LUBRA-SEAL on the following:

  • Drag chains and augers.
  • Inside walls of spreader boxes.
  • Gates, adjustment mechanisms, and channels for floor plates.
  • Hydraulic Couplings.
  • Plow faces and pivots.

What are the Benefits of LUBRA-SEAL?

LUBRA-SEALis the original and #1 salt spreader protection product used by State DOT’S, Counties, Cities and Private Contractors that operate salt spreaders from manufactures such as Swenson, Monroe, Flink, Hi-Way, Western, Air-Flo, Blizzard, and others. They enjoy the following benefits and so can you:

  • Protects the entire salt spreader – including movable components from rust and corrosion damage caused by moisture, oxygen and salt residue during summer storage.
  • Delivers amazing lubrication to movable components, – reducing friction damage during winter operations.
  • Reduces the possibly of soil contamination and EPA fines – will not wash off onto the ground beneath the salt spreader like used motor oil.
  • Extends the operational life cycles – of your drag chains, augers, trucks and more.
  • Lowers maintenance costs – by reducing unscheduled repairs, keeping your spreaders on the road and out of the shop.
  • Higher trade-in or resale values – when it time to rotate your fleet of truck and deicing equipment.

Who uses LUBRA-SEAL?

LUBRA-SEAL is currently being used by the following:

  • State DOTS
  • Counties
  • Cities
  • Snow Removal Contractors
  • Military
  • Schools Districts, Colleges and Universities
  • National Park Service
  • Hospitals
  • AG Industry

How does LUBRA-SEAL come packaged?

LUBRA-SEAL comes packaged two convenient ways:

  1. Standard 55-gallon drums
  2. Small 6-gallon pails

LUBRA-SEAL Packaging

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