RHOMAR Industries, Inc. is dedicated to innovation of environmentally responsible product technology that offers unique maintenance solutions to the Public Works, Transportation, Health Care and Education markets. RHOMAR’s primary focus is to bring to market creative solutions to frustrating common problems that plague operation and maintenance departments.

RHOMAR’s flagship products target five key areas of maintenance:

  • The corrosive effects of de-icing materials that devastate spreaders, plows, loaders, vehicles, truck-beds, concrete and salt storage facilities.
  • Paving headaches caused by asphalt sticking in truck-beds and over sprays and deposits on your vehicles and equipment that distract from your public image.
  • Dangerous slips and falls faced by facilites from slippery ice or slick snow pack.
  • Annoying graffiti and tagging that leaves millions of dollars in vandalized and defaced property and equipment.
  • Embarrassing urine odor found in nursing homes, hospitals and in boy’s restrooms that sends out the wrong message about your facility.